Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Gathering Inspiration

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A friend sent me this email with a great idea!  It's basically a chain letter with NO BAD LUCK - only blessings!  Read below, you'll like it, too:

We are starting a collective, constructive and hopefully uplifting Bible verse exchange. We hope you will participate. We have picked those we think would be faithful and make it fun.

Please send an encouraging Bible verse to the person in position 1 below(even if you don't know him or her).  

It should be a favorite verse that has lifted you when you were experiencing challenging times. Don't agonize over it - it is one you reach for when you need it - or the one that you always turn to. 

Position 1 (I'll let you know if you participate)

Position 2 (Again, I will let you know.)

After you've sent the verse to the person in Position 1, and only to that person, copy this letter into a new email, move my name to Position 1 and put your name in Position 2. 
Only my name and your name should show when you email. 
Send to 20 friends BBC (blind copy).It's fun to see where they come from. Seldom does anyone drop out because,  we all need new ideas and inspiration. 

The turnaround is fast, as there are only two names on the list and you only have to do it once!


Trust me, I could have used some of these uplifting versus easily in the past year.  My problem is, I don't have emails for 20 people - but I do have blogs for many of you and I think you would particpate.  If you are intersted, please let me know (comment below and I'll email you back). I would LOVE to have several bible versus to add to my memory when things get tough and I need some encouragement.  I bet you would, too.  Please join the fun and pass it along to others.

Now, I'm not PROMISING this, BUT, I MAY be able to turn the bible versus into a gift for you if you participate! :)  Even if I did personally email this to you, you'll be counted in the fun.  No promises, but I bet I could come up with something. :)  Looking forward to your participating!

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