Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Heaven Help!

I know, I've been MIA since Monday! I'm sorry, it's been that kind of week. Barely in my office, barely at home, run run run. But I'm here now! Woop woop!

Sweet niece #1 was home this weekend, so I gave her a Valentine's Day surprise...pencils, mood pen, hand sanitizer, socks, gum and CANDY! She loved it. And she gave my sister and b-i-l the handprint/feetprint art and they loved it! Whew. (as a side note, can you imagine us as kids getting hand sanitizer? We'd be ticked, not tickled!)

I took today off from work to keep Macy since dad & mom headed back to the dr to see if his cancer treatments worked. Ya'll, I am so happy to report YES! They do seem to have worked and he'll go back in three months for another look. They do expect he'll battle with this from now on, but knowing this treatment works for him is great!

Please let me say THANKS to those of you who prayed, sent encouraging thoughts, posted something positive... 2012 required me to ask for support and prayers-something I'm not really good at but I'm getting better. Thank you because it makes a difference. It really does.

I know what you really want pics! Is there any sweeter feeling than a sweet baby sleeping on your chest? Thankfully the child actually slept, she's been on a nap-time-isn't-fun kick lately.

Of course when she woke up it was diaper changing time! Since she loves playing with her feet, it really isn't too bad. Well...depending on the "type of diaper" if you know what I mean.

I'm off to make a cake for the girls at work. Ya'll have a happy hump night!

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