Monday, February 18, 2013

Muffin Monday & Snowy Weekend

Warm Kitty, Sleepy Kitty, Little Ball of Fur...

Muffin's reaction to Downton Abbey last night.  Mine was much the same - HOW COULD YOU! Then started whamming my head into the floor. Heaven help, how could they end my show this way. It was one of the tear-jerker episodes last night and I'm still tore up about it.

This was our adventure on Saturday trying to drive home from the wedding shower.  I'm a South Carolina gal and understand, we don't typically get crazy amounts of snow. But holy cow, Batman, it really came down fast and furious on Saturday.  We went from driving with just a bit of drizzle to no longer being able to see.

The roads were getting covered so quick we couldn't tell where the edge of the road and the ditches were, so it was kinda exciting.  Then the windshield started icing up, despite the wipers and defroster.

Mom was driving so I snapped pictures.  This one below is getting closer to the house - how pretty is the house and trees!  But you can really tell how dark and cloudy it got. And I can't stress enough how QUICKLY it happened.  HUGE fat wet flakes coming down so fast, it was crazy.

Below is my parents house (they live behind me) and you can see how it cleared up and become a beautiful day the next day.  I walked over to their house for a tasty breakfast of biscuits and honey. Yum yum!  So there you go, pictures of a Southern snow. :)

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  1. What beautiful pictures! I miss living with more open space like that. Our apartment got plenty of snow but there are so many people around that it was quickly ruined.


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