Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Creating Confidence!

When my friend, Paulene, mentioned to me making a scrapbook for her running bibs, I cringed. I know nothing of running. I know nothing of races.  And I avoid the thoughts of working out. I put it off. Then I got busy. Busier, and busy and then I ran of out excuses. This book needed to be made and it needed to be NOW.

Cupid's Chase
I asked for her list of races. I asked for standard measurements for racing bibs.  I hemmed and hawed, I sweated over what this should look like.  How many pictures, how many vertical, what does a person want to record about a race...

Turtle Trot
 And when I finally started piecing it together, and figuring out how it would look, and assembling it page by page, I finally felt like it was coming together! (Turtle Trot, how cute is that for a race?!)

Race to the Rock
 It started coming together faster and the themes of each race seemed to work out with what I had! The Clemson colors, the color bombs for Color Me Rad, pinks for the Breast Cancer run... it just worked out!

Race in to the Pink
 I discovered that as my friend experienced a confidence boost last year when she started her quest with running, I received my own confidence boost through creating this book for her successes!

Irmo Dam
 All through the year, she posted inspirational quotes and motivational images that encouraged her and all her followers as she went on this journey.

Color Me Rad
So I added those on every page, and guess what?! I had images to match every page! Either the colors, or the message, or image - it was kinda crazy how well it worked out!

Thunder Road
I can't tell you how excited I was when it was complete.  I looked at it and felt good about the work I had done.  I crossed my fingers she would love it, too. Because it was more than just a book. It was a door opening inside of me, showing me that I COULD take on a major project. But only if I actually START it!

Girls on the Run Race
She loved it.  LOVED IT! She became emotional over it and that meant the world to me. Sharing something special with someone you care so much about, that's just beyond totally awesome. :) So Now I'm flying high from the new knowledge I have of myself AND the fact it made a friend very happy!

So maybe I'll figure out a way to include something like this in my Pressed Clovers shop?  I struggle with how to offer books like this which are so personalized.  But I haven't seen much out there for runners to preserve these successes! And I'd love to be the avenue for them to do so! Any ideas or thoughts on this? Just let me know, I'm curious how to work it.

Thanks for following this long post and my journey here! :)


  1. That is such a great idea!! I LOVE it! I think that is something that would be great for your store! You are so very creative. :)

    Laura @ MiceInTheKitchen

  2. Wow! You did an amazing job on those!!


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