Saturday, September 1, 2012

Early mornings

For whatever reason, I woke up well before 6 am with every intention of taking pics of the Blue Moon that illuminated my room...and then I went back to sleep. I did roll out just after six and captured the sunrise instead.

I figured since I was up I should be productive and work on my Pressed Clover orders.

Just before mom walked over for our shopping trip, I managed to finish my first baby boy book. It's precious!

All I have left is the end page and title page. Then it will be ready for the mom-to-be to ohhhh and ahhhhhh over it at her shower!

I'm creating two of these at once since I already have two requests. It's a book of all the major holidays in a calendar year. My mom's idea and I love it. Isn't that typically when we pull out the camera anyway? Hope to have them finished before Tuesday.

The beginnings of a butterfly book to fulfill an order that will go to my dear sweet cousin on her birthday. She loves butterflies, flowers and cats, so we'll just have to see what we can do!

Mom and I ventured into Charlotte to spend a gift certificate she had to a baby boutique up there. Well...the christening dees she wanted was $260+ and her certificate was for $40. Yeah. But she did find two amazingly beautiful dresses that were only $40 after the certificate. :) We really had a great time.

Now to get ready for my cousin's wedding shower/cookout. Tomorrow is a must-clean-my-house-day after church! I've been to busy to get to it lately (not that I'm complaining)!

See you for Muffin Monday if not before!
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  1. That baby book looks so cute!

    1. I just discovered the reply button. Duh.
      Thanks for cheering me on about the Pressed Clover books. :) As you know, starting a new venture is always a bit nerve-wracking! :)

  2. You are so nice to say that since it is upside down! Ha ha ha! It is really cute, I was tickled with how it turned out! :)


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