Thursday, September 13, 2012

so...yeah. that.

Heck if I know what's twirling around in my mind. I feel like I've neglected the blog this week simply because of my schedule. And probably the lack of sleep factors into that, too.  My sleep has been interrupted by crazy dreams... one involved those huge lizards, Komodo Dragons?

Yes, these suckers.  Isn't the thought of that enough to give anyone nightmares? Although how they appeared in my dreams, I have no idea. It's not like I've ever seen one in person. But it still makes for an unsettling sleep.

So this week has passed in a blur. I feel a bit out-of-place or like I forgot to do something or I'm missing something.  Do you ever feel like that? For example, in one morning, I forgot to disarm the alarm before walking out the front door. I NEVER DO THAT. Then I fumbled for my key fob and turned it off. Rearmed. Then forgot to lock the front door. I NEVER DO THAT EITHER. I was half way down the road when I started thinking about it, turned around and went back to discover that yes indeed, my door was unlocked.

Do you remember that someone tried to kick in my doors? So yeah, I don't forget things like that.

So what's wrong with me? Am I just losing my mind or what? Who knows, but something's got to give because I really need my brain engaged.

Despite all of these bizarre feelings of not being in sync with myself, I'm actually excited about wrapping up this election (which is still 1.5 months away) and moving along with Pressed Clovers! I really can't dedicate the time to it right at this moment, but there will be a time that I can and I'm looking forward to engaging the creative side of my brain for some fun stuff with paper.  I've considered instead of everything having to be an entire complete scrapbook, to sell individual pages for sale. Hmm... any thoughts on that? Just an idea.

But for now, it's 10 p.m., I'm still sitting in my office at work and I need to go home. Already Donna has called to see if I'm on my way or if the office boogie man snatched me up.  It's time. (But inside, I'm still having a little Pressed Clover party...) Sweet dreams, my imaginary friends! Don't let the bed bugs bite!

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