Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday mornings

It must be overcast outside because it's still a soft light coming through my windows this morning. I love my bedroom with it's silvery gray walls and white curtains ... Makes me feel like I'm in a cocoon.

Obviously I'm still in bed. It's so quiet in the house it's easy to just stay here. I've read through several days of blogs, played Words with Friends, sent off a picture of sunburn in Draw Something... but it's probably time now to get up.

This past week kicked my booty. I will admit I took a ZZZQuil last night to shut my mind down and sleep. Two thumbs up! Exactly eight hours later I woke up and didn't feel hung over! AWESOME. Then I forced myself back to sleep for an extra hour.

But now, it's on to house work and Pressed Clovers. I'll post pictures of the books as I work on them. :)

Happy Weekend!
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