Monday, September 24, 2012

Muffin Monday + Macy!

Mondays are kickin' my butt, let me tell you.  I figure you are in the same boat.  So this morning, let me not only jump start your week with Muffin, the adorable kitten we all love, but also with MACY, who makes everyone smile.  I'm sure you are included in this "everyone."

Muffin is really missing me being at home, I think, and is acting out in bad ways.  Here she is beside my bed (yes, that's a bobby pin in the floor).  She is trying new stunts, like laying beside the bed and making annoying meow noises instead of getting in bed to be petted.  I think she's just trying my patience.

Because my nights are getting later, I really try to visit her in the morning, when she's a happy baby.  Her bib says Keep the Cupcakes Coming.  A girl after my own heart. <3  I love starting my day off with her in the mornings. I think it makes me appreciate my day just a little bit more.

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