Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Twirly Eyes, Swirly Eyes

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Do you see the googly eyes on this girl? This is a bit what I look like right now.  It's been a 13-hour day, coming off of the 7 day break I just had to snuggle on Miss Macy.  My eyes feel like swirls going bonkers as they twirl and twirl. HAHAHA.

How sweet is my dad, offering to deliver corn on the cob to my house because he knows how much I love it and how tired I am? I love having such a wonderful family literally next door to my house.

So yes, things are picking up at the office with all the talk about candidates and elections.  But it's good. Wild and crazy and a bit earlier than I anticipated, but it really gets the blood flowing and the energy sparking.  Now... I'm not sure I'll be saying the same thing a month from now. Hmm... :)

And now - I'm off to buy formula for Miss Macy, then crashing before it all starts over tomorrow. Night!

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