Saturday, September 29, 2012


Since it's almost 5pm, I think I can sum up my one day off this week... Productive. Work. Success.

We've been put on notice, this is our last day off until after the election. Instead of resting, I have really accomplished some stuff.

Like getting over the stomach bug. Ugh.

Really making a dent in the Christmas orders for Pressed Clovers.

Yes, Christmas has exploded all over my house and glitter is popping up everywhere.

Muffin is helping... Yeah right.

Did I tell you she chewed an entire stack of pages ready to make into two books? Yeah, not a happy mommy.

I installed a new toilet seat I got for my birthday and only dropped the screwdriver in the toilet once.

I halfway swept.

So yeah, I'm ready for a nap but instead plan on working on my books a bit more and maybe making an apple cake. If I jack the air conditioning down far enough, it almost feels like autumn...

Because you haven't seen an Ellie pictures lately, I'll leave you with a picture or two from dinner last night!

Leave me a message and let me know what exciting things you are getting into this weekend! Or a link to your favorite autumnal dish!
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  1. I'm exhausted just reading about what you've accomplished!

    1. Ha ha... Says the person always capturing awesome photos and cooking up delicious dishes. Lazy, you are not! So I'm betting your Saturdays was also busy. :) I know if I'm busy, I manage my time better and will get the work done. If I'm not, I will procrastinate and not get it done.


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