Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday's Letters - 9

I've spent most if this week at home, taking a break before the storm. I work in my local elections office, so as you can imagine, it's already getting busy. Here is my letter for the week!

Dear new Dr. for Macy, thank you! Her mom and Mimaw both loved you and you did a great check up on little Miss Macy. We are so thankful to have found you.

Dear friends, I'm so blessed to have you! Visited briefly with Sara and Corree, seeing Donna and Melissa today, talked to Sherry... Love it!

Dear Pen Pals, (yes, I write letters to people and use stamps and everything!) I've been slack. I WILL do better. But thank you for your letters, I love them!

Dear customers and viewers at Pressed Clovers, THANK YOU! I am working on custom orders right now and it's awesome. I love it! (Visit PressedClovers at Etsy.)

Dear readers, drop me a line so I can come visit you, too. I love finding new blogs to check out!

Ya'll have a great Labor Day, and please say a prayer for those impacted by Isaac.

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  1. Oh, I imagine you are about to get very, very busy!


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