Saturday, September 22, 2012

Friday's Letters - 12 ... on Saturday again.

So life has become very hectic as our office is preparing for the 2012 General Election.  You wouldn't believe the work required on the back-end, stuff you'll never see.  This morning, it's stuff 3,000 ballots for those voting by mail. Indeed.

So here is my week, which really went by in a blur:

Dear Lord, thank you for the beautiful scenery you give me.  Sunsets and sunrises, foggy days, cloudy day - they are always so interesting when I actually take the time to stop and look. I appreciate you giving me this little present every time I drive to work.

Dear Macy, I know you are going to be grown three months by the time I get to spend any amount of time with you. So the mornings I get to swing by your house in the morning before work are what keeps me going... and I'm so thankful you are a morning baby and are all giggles, smiles and love in the morning.

Dear "students,"  You make my day when you enjoy my class so much and get excited about working on Election Day. Your enthusiasm for being part of the process - part of history - is very encouraging when I'm tired and thinking I sound like I make no sense. Thanks for keeping me going.

Dear Pressed Clovers customers,  I'm so thankful for you! Another book is flying through the mail system to arrive at a happy Grace's house!  I have a very exciting order to fulfill before December, so I'm looking forward to wrapping up this election and beginning on this new adventure!

Ok, I'm off to get back to work! :)  Thanks for reading!


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