Saturday, September 8, 2012

The details of a home

I did get up and get moving. I'm cleaning house because I know there is a time quickly approaching where I'll be working seven days a week and housework will be a dream.

I'm not done, but I've made headway. In the process, I've fallen in love with my house all over again. Here are a few detail shots. To see a better overview, look to the right and read "Before and After".

The vanity in my bedroom sports this beaded purse I found for $5 at a shop in Abbeville, SC.

The right side of my vanity, with a pic of me and my great-grandma, whose house I live in. My mom recreated a flower arrangement sent to me on my birthday over 10 years ago and it's in the back.

My quilt rack holds three quilts, one from my grandmas on each side and great-grandmother. Probably the last one she made as she died the month before I was born and she had already given it as a baby gift to me.

Also four sets of pillow cases embroidered by my grandma, mom and sister.

My bathroom mirror, an old and heavy as all get out relic I found at a yard sale. The silvering is chipping off the back, the border isn't perfect but I love it. Wish it were bright white but I'm not repainting it.

As you already know, I'm sentimental. So this painting in my bathroom is so perfect to me-painted by my mom! Wisteria, which I love, too.

My corner cabinets in the dining room. I searched like crazy until I found matching cabinets. Now they hold all kind of mismatched treasures, but they are all "me." The baby booty with Macy's footprint on the bottom, the made in occupied Japan figurines, pottery, my Palmetto tree monogram, the delicate blue crystal glasses...little pieces of me. :)

I'm very blessed to be in a family home and for it to be so beautiful. My dad really went all out, along with tons of other people, to make this house a home for me. Now to go finish cleaning It!
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  1. Love this! You have beautiful pieces in your house! I love mirror and quilt rack the best!


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