Saturday, March 12, 2011

Weekend Cat Blogging

This is a not happy Muffin ignoring my camera and me!
Her new thing is to sit on the rug in front of the tub to remind me she wants fresh water tossed into the tub for her drinking pleasure. :)  She's a mess.

Happy Weekend Cat Blogging, my friends! :) Many thanks to the wonderful Pam and CoCo at Sidewalk Shoes for being our hosts! :)


  1. Thanks for joining WCB this week. Coco is my constant showering companion. She waits for me to finish, so she can go in and survey the wet tub.

  2. What is it with cats and wet showers? Magellan always waits for me to finish so he can hop in.

  3. Wet showers, wet bathtubs and wet sinks here. Oh and now the water bowl is not "enough", the sink is filled half way each night for cool water to quench as the desire arises. But honestly I think their opinionated nature is what draws me. I would not be able to be in a co-dependent relationship with my pet LOL!


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