Monday, March 21, 2011

Muffin Monday - GUEST!

Muffin and I have had a rough weekend preparing for this morning's appraisal of the house - which is needed for my mortgage. Cleaning, re-organizing, building shelves, taking shelves down, rebuilding shelves inside the closet since they wouldn't fit, cleaning, organizing, cleaning. Oh and did I mention cleaning? I wanted it perfect.

Therefore, no cute pics of Muffin this week, as she doesn't like cleaning or weed eaters. And she doesn't like appraisers, either. She hid under the blankets the entire time he was here.

Today's Muffin Monday will share the spotlight with Snowflake!

My sister-in-law's kitty who is extremely fluffy and cute. She looks like a HUGE fur ball, but underneath all that fluff, Snowflake is actually quite skinny!

Clay, my brother, says she looks like an angry Muppet. HAHAHAHA - she does! Her expressions just crack me up because you can really read what she's trying to tell you.

I hope every has a wonderful week! I think the weather is supposed to be mostly sunshiny and warm here and I'm looking forward to it! Now that the appraisal is behind me, Muffin and I can both heave a sigh of relief and enjoy the rest of the week. :) 

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