Thursday, March 31, 2011


So I guess without rain we wouldn't have raindrops, right?  I ventured outside after work yesterday in the misty rain and cold temperatures, hoping to find some decent pictures.  Wish I knew better what I was doing instead of just clickin' and prayin'. But I'm having fun.

Went to this very old graveyard close to my office.  Since I have this irrational fear of falling through a grave site, which becomes even worse when the ground is wet, I didn't make it far beyond the front gate. But that's ok, too.

We've gotten over 3" of rain in the past two days! I feel like we are floating away, but come August we'll be praying for this rain.  So I'm trying to have a positive outlook about it now and APPRECIATE it. *sigh* Trying.

Hello Thursday, I hope you bring some sunshine my way! :)  Only one more day until the weekend! Ya'll keep hanging on, it's almost here!

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