Saturday, March 12, 2011

Highs & Lows

It's been a week of highs and lows. The Roller Coaster called Life, right?

High: I have pretty vertebrae which are not ruptured. Yay! (Low - still having some back issues)

Lows: Losing Pa Boots. (High: knowing he is in Heaven with God and his wife, Sissy)

Everything has a flip side, right? But it's been all in all, a good week.
  • Enjoyed a great conversation with several cousins that I just don't have the chance to visit with or talk with in a one-on-one format. I enjoy getting to know them better, becoming a closer family.
  • Saw the cutest little Ellie Jean with her happy grins and giggles as she bounced bounced bounced on my legs.
  • Celebrated a dearly departed friend's birthday with my friend, Donna. It was a blessing to have known Daryl for the short time span that I had him in my life.
  • Sad to see Pa Boots' ending, but blessed to know his heart and have certainty he's with the Lord.
If you'll notice, none of that involved anything materialistic. No shopping, buying, wearing, - just people and love. And that's just awesome to be able to find so much joy in love.

Happy Saturday, everyone, and I hope your Sunday is filled with family and friends and LOVE like mine will be! :)  *hugs*

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