Saturday, March 5, 2011

Friend Glow.

I adore creating new friend memories. Even if they aren't those kind of memories that alter life, but just send a warm glow of happiness and friendship throughout your week - that's awesome. Maybe I should retitle this blog "Friend Glow." (Ok, I decided to call it that. :) )

Anyway, I did just what I said I'd do this past week, including dropping off some yummy food for Mom's lunch and having lunch with Dad.  Ran into town to my old job to help give a few pointers to their new person.  And enjoyed a great dinner with a good friend/old co-worker, where we also bumped into my brother and s-i-l.  Good seeing them, especially after Clay's first week doing his new job and not in training.

Sara & Elizabeth - two peeps I miss BUNCHES!

So my friend, Sara, who went to dinner with me is just a fabulous person who always makes me feel better after hanging out with her.  We talk in lots of parking lots, I'm finding, but it's awesome because it's just good relaxed conversation. I'm very thankful to know her and to be able to consider her a friend. I miss those old co-workers greatly!

Today was another lazy day until managing to get up and enjoy my first 3-D movie with Gary, Drive Angry. Good name for it, I'd say, with lots of anger and potty mouths. Someone needed to wash their mouths out because holy cow, Batman, they were out-cussing the sailors. But it was not bad... don't think I need to see it again, though.

Dinner at a dive in a nearby town, more conversation in parking lots (what is it with me and parking lots?!) and now I'm home. Exhausted from doing nothing all day and ready to snuggle back into my bed. I already have the electric blanket on and warming it up for me! Tomorrow: CHURCH since I've missed the past two Sundays due to my back. Looking forward to seeing my church family again.

On a side note: I have many friends who have lost loved ones, (fathers, grandmothers) and others who are having to see their loved ones decline. Pray with me for those who are struggling with these issues, please. I'm sure you all know some, too. Many thanks.


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