Sunday, March 6, 2011

Think Pink! & Weekend Wants

Today has been one heck of a rainy day, making life so grey and blah. However, as soon as it slacked off a little bit, I slipped into my old painted-dotted flip flops and trudged behind the house to this one little Damson tree that is the spot of beauty among the thorns.  Seriously. It was surrounded by thorn trees, which are just evil, but my hero (Dad!) eliminated the thorn trees and saved my Damson tree!

With all this rain, I've decided I want a cute umbrella. Who wants to be running around in the already dreary day with a boring black umbrella? Surely we can do better than that - and we have! Check out these options:

This beautiful Gerber Daisy umbrella can be found here on Amazon. I was lazy and used Amazon for all my umbrellas. But isn't this adorable? It also comes in purple, but that isn't nearly as cute. Trust me.

 Then I found this one - which makes everyone else look at the boring black while you look at beautiful blue skies with white puffy clouds. Kinda evil, eh? But I like it. It can be found here.

For some reason, this type of umbrella just makes sense. It's more of a dome and seems that it would keep you drier if the wind were blowing. What do you think? Am I crazy? But I love the colorful dots... I think you could still see through it well enough to avoid bumping into other people while walking with it, too. I like it! You can find this (or the clear version) here.


And the last picture has nothing to do with my Damson tree or umbrellas. :)  It's a pic of my sister and I at a relative's baby shower. Since I always take my camera, I end up being the family photographer and "documenting" the entire event.  So I figured I needed one pic of my sister and me to show I actually do attend these family functions! Not too bad for holding the camera myself for a quick pic!  

We really don't favor much, do we? I'll have to find one that has my brother in it, too. Because the three of us really don't resemble much. I guess we are just different bits and pieces from our heritage, right?

Anyway - ya'll have a great Sunday afternoon wherever you are and we'll see you on Monday for Muffin Monday! :) 

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