Monday, March 28, 2011

Muffin Monday

I was dragging pretty bad this morning. Monday mornings are always tough, but rainy Mondays after rainy weekends are especially difficult. Seems I'm not the only one who thinks so.

I finally haul myself out of bed. Drag myself to the doorway and flip on the light. Muffin wasn't thrilled with the overhead light being on and groggily blinked at me.

I find my way into the bathroom, turn on the water and slowly come to life under the spray of hot water.  Turn off the water, toss back the curtain .... and there is NO KITTEN GREETING ME ON THE BATHROOM RUG!  What? Where is she? No meows, no hops into the tub... No Muffin.

I finish the morning routine and go back into my bedroom, where I find this:

 Right where I left her.  Just before this picture, she gave me the biggest yawn, like I'm interrupting her precious sleep. She didn't move from that spot until she saw me heading for the front part of the house - aka - where her food is located. THEN she manged to get up and show some excitement! :)

I hope ya'll have a great week, despite the gloomy beginning.  Wrap up the end of March with a positive attitude and welcome April with a smile!

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  1. Silly kitty, so knows when a good sleep-in is necessary! Thank you for your kind comments about Scrappycat.


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