Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Otter Rocks.

I have been stressing over what to name this new venture of mine. For two days I've thought of words to describe me, my nicknames, family names, ugh! I haven't done well AT ALL. No creativity, no zip zam boom! Booorrring.

Tonight, talking to a friend and listing off the many things I like, here are some names I've come up with.  Keep in mind, this is to describe a registry book you would keep all your shower gifts recorded in - for brides or babies. 
  • Otter Rocks. Somewhere I read that otters keep a special rock with them that they use to crack open their food and they share those rocks with other otters they have affection for. ... however, I can't find that again, so I'm thinking the last part was in a children's book and I took it for fact. Oops.!  They are also wonderful devoted mothers to their young.
  • Otter Love.
  • Pressed Clovers. - like how you would press 4 leaf clovers in books as keepsakes
  • Lucky Penny.
  • Dancing Otters. Singing Otters, Twirling Otters. Silly Otters. Giggling Otters. AHHHHHHHHHH.
Ok, I'm not doing good. So feel free to add to this list with a name suggestion. SERIOUSLY - I'm open to suggestions! Help me before I lose my mind and bring Paulene down the slippery slope of insanity with me!

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