Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lazy days ahead!

Did someone say Lunch?

I'm debating taking the next two days off from work. I have plenty of comp time hours that I'll only be adding to during the upcoming elections, so ... sleeping in tomorrow sounds Divine. :) I'll think of you from my cuddle cave of blankets and Muffin in the morning.
 I'm actually thinking it would be nice to surprise mom with some Chinese food for lunch tomorrow! She works at an elementary school, so some yummy restaurant food would probably tickle her pink. We'll see how the day goes, since Dad is off from work, too. Somehow, I have a feeling I'll end up checking cows tomorrow!

Maybe I'll explore Susan Branch's website, since she just sent out a Willard! Willard is the name of her e-newsletter, which is always packed with coziness and warm fuzzies. A real treat, with great quotes to inspire creativity, love, happiness, friendship and a host of other good and wonderful things. Her blog just lights up the computer... and my brain as I read and join in with a chuckle at her wonderful take on life. I think you'll enjoy her, too, so stop on by her page and sign up for Willard. It's not exactly what you read on the blog, so you'll get a little treat to your inbox! What more could you ask for! (how cute is the illustration to the left? From her blog! I can tell you want to dive in...)

For now, even though I'll be able to sleep in tomorrow, I think it's time for me to wind down and crawl into bed.  Maybe find a good book to dive into before closing my eyes. Have a wondermous Thursday! :) Night!

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