Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Enjoying God's Paintings.

My Sunrise This Morning
My Sunset This Evening

My drive in this morning was really peaceful and nice. I managed to get out of the house early so I wasn't freaking out about being late and instead enjoyed the sunrise that barely tinted the clouds with yellow and orange. I'm sure I caused one or two folks to panic as I tried to get the picture with my camera phone as I headed down the highway. Poor folks don't know I'm a pro by now. :)

This evening, after a laid-back visit with my sister, mom, and dad, I headed up to a nearby town for dinner by myself.  Waited for a break in all the trees to snap the sunset to my left. Again, I'm a pro - even if this picture is crooked. Oops. :) 

Eating alone is one of those things that once would have really messed with me. I hated it. Felt like people were looking at me and pitying me for not having someone to eat with.  Today, I'm ok with it. I took my magazine into the restaurant and enjoyed some uninterrupted quiet time to enjoy reading my magazine. I rarely run into people I know at this place, so it was just quiet me time. Nice.

I snapped a few pics this afternoon before the storms hit this area. I figured after the rain they are calling for, all the blossoms and blooms may be looking a bit rough. I'll post a few in the next couple of days for you to enjoy, too.

Happy Thursday tomorrow, everyone. We've almost made it to FRIDAY! :)

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