Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pa Boots - a Special Man.

Pa Boots & his daughter, Diane

Tonight I got to visit a very special man - Pa Boots. Although he isn't my grandfather by blood, I still considered him very much in that role to me.  He's actually my friend, Donna's, grandfather.  Everyone else in the community calls him "Boots" except his family. They call him, "Pa Boots." I didn't know any better, so I called him what Donna called him. Oops. :)  Thankfully, Donna's family seems to be ok with me adopting their Grandparents.

Pa Boots & Miss Louise
Pa Boots isn't perfect, I'm sure. I didn't know him when he was younger, don't know all the history, but from what I've seen over the past 10+ years or so, he's a gentle man, loving, adores animals and will adopt many. Miss Kitty just happened to end up in the house, a quick little kitten that had Pa Boots wrapped around her little paw. That cat killed dozens of moles and dropped at his door. Had a litter of kittens that Pa Boots would watch from his straight-backed chair on the porch.
Pa Boots & Ellie, giving him a kiss
He never seemed to be without a dog. Trey or Bear.  One time as we were visiting, Donna asked Pa Boots how that dishpan of water got into the living room for him to soak his feet in (he wasn't supposed to be lifting things, I don't think.)  He kinda grinned and said Bear must have done it. *laugh*  He does have a great sense of humor. He also likes to feed those dogs people food and would buy a hot dog for him and a hot dog for the dog. Or whatever else he might be eating for supper that night.

Me & Pa Boots at Donna's Wedding
And fishing. I've heard some fish tales.  Fishing with buddies on Lake Wylie with the dog. He told me the best eating you could ever have was to get those fresh fish and cook them right there beside the river. He said he had some fish in the freezer in case of an emergency. Not sure what kind of emergency involves fish, but he is prepared. *laugh*

Pa Boots isn't doing too good.  Donna told me over the weekend. I debated about going in to see him, didn't know if it would confuse him or not. But I'm really glad I went on tonight.  Although he did cut the preachers line when they were fishing one day, I know how good of a man he is and I know where he'll eventually be, with Sissy, his wife. And lots of other good people who have left us here.  It makes me incredibly sad and yet happy at the same time.

Saying prayers for peace and strength - especially for his family and for all who love him.


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