Monday, August 13, 2012

Muffin Monday

This is Muffin, helping me in my scrapbooking room as I made birth announcements for Macy. She was a huge help, picking out paper and finding the end of the string of stickers anytime I needed it. Huge help...

So I decided to help Katie out by creating birth announcements for Macy out of random scrapbook paper I had left from various projects. First I used cards I found at Wal-Mart for a dollar, but then I realized this will require Katie to write a note in every one of them. So ... after thinking on my feet a bit, I remembered left over invitation kits from something, which would also have their own envelopes and TA DA! I have a solution!

Here are a few samples of the announcements:

That sweet baby girl, I just adore her. I, of course, kept one for myself and will frame it soon. ADORABLE. 

AH was also home this weekend, and I got the best picture of her and Macy together in their matching shirts! Thanks to Sister Beth for this really great idea. AH loved looking like her sister. :) 

And so we are diving into a new week - hope yours is WONDERFUL! Midway point in August - heaven help!

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