Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday's Letters - 8


Dear Self, I'm so proud of you for opening your very own Etsy shop, called Pressed Clovers, this week.  I know it's something you've wanted to do and I know it terrified you, so I'm proud that you took that leap! Prayers for this going well!

Dear family, friends, coworkers,  Thank you for your support and belief in me!! Thank you for the awesome orders, too! :) Thanks for all the hearts, circles, favorites, etc.... Dear Paulene, THANK YOU for your awesome support and featuring me on your blog! You are an awesome designer but an even better friend.

Dear Oreos, You are not my friend... Dear Healthy Food Options, You are supposed to be my friend, but why can't you taste like Oreos?

Dear Macy, You had us worried this weekend, babe.  We need you to not be allergic to your formula. Constant crying makes all of us sad. We need you to realize sleep is good.  But still you are adorable, even as you fuss. :) 

Dear Etsy, If you are nice to me, I might start Clover Blossoms, too... maybe.

DEAR READERS - I adore you. I love meeting new people. I love reading your blogs. I love seeing your coolness and your smart ideas. Thanks for opening an entirely new world to me!

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  1. good luck on your etsy shop!!

    Happy Friday! have a great weekend! Drop by and say hello!


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