Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Grouchy Bear.

In my old job, where I actually had an office with a door, occasionally I'd tape a sign to my door that had a fiercely growling bear and said, "Bethie is being a bear... you might want to just leave her alone today!" and I'd shut myself behind that closed door. I tried to save others the agony of dealing with me.

Here there is no door. We are all in one open room with no cubby walls, no protection from each others' moods. And let me tell you, I've been in one. GROUCHY. Like a bear with a sore paw. Like the Snow Monster in that old Rudolf movie that needs a tooth pulled by the dentist elf. GROUCHY.

So, I snapped my coworker's head off. Snapped it clean off. And she's the one that's always happy and I just flipped on her. So today, when we were the only two in the office, I had to apologize.  I was out-of-line and I really needed to make things right.

This Sunday the preacher really hit home on loving our neighbors like we'd want to be loved.  And I'm not showcasing that at all these days. So I'm praying - and hopefully will see a change in my grouchy levels soon!

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