Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday's Letters - 6

Dear dear friends Sara, Grace & Donna, it was lovely seeing each of you this week (ok, Sara should have been last week, but anyway). I love having time to catch up, visit, laugh together and share concerns together. Ya'll are each so awesome in your own individual ways. <3

Dear Macy, you continue to grow so fast and it sometimes just makes me so sad to see how quickly you change! I pray for you - that you'll be a joy-filled child of God and will follow His plan for you! :) 

Dear Sister, I am so proud of you! Helping you decorate your classroom yesterday, seeing how much thought you put into everything - the order of the posters so they create a timeline, the bulletin boards with artifacts of the first chapter & shout outs to the outstanding students, the books you have for them to read, - you care so much about these students. You are an amazing teacher and these students are so lucky to have you! 

Dear Gabby, YOU GO GIRL! You rocked the Olympics and held your faith high for all the public to see! You are a great inspiration for so many girls and I'm very happy for all your success!

Dear Olympics, I'm ready for you to end. I feel like so many of our sports and athletes aren't featured at all in our media and attention is only given to particular ones (sorry Gabby!).  So please end and let's get back on schedule. Thank you. 

Dear Blog Universe, Friday's Letters readers, random peeps - THANK YOU! I have found the most amazing people out there to follow, from designers, decorators, cooks, creative people, everyday life people, faith-filled people, I LOVE IT! Thanks for dropping by my slice of the world and inviting me to be part of yours! 

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  1. you are such a sweet girl! glad i found ya!

    Have a great weekend!! Stop by and say hi!


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