Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Off the wagon.

I had every intention of being good today. Greek yogurt and wheat English muffin for breakfast. Water. More water. But then lunch came about and I couldn't face another salad. I just couldn't.

So I went to Burger King and splurged on a Whopper Jr. sans cheese combo with Diet Coke. I was pretty excited. Except that once I came back to the office, conversation after conversation after customer etc kept me from eating my splurge while it was warm and yummy. Ice cold splurge = not so tasty. So... that splurge sucked. Goes to show you should stay on the wagon, eh?

Must say hello to my friend, Sara, who had lunch with me on Friday. She should have made it into Friday's Letter, so shame on me for not including that. Bad Bethie! Sara is so totally awesome - an adventure seeker, camper, international traveler, good listener, somewhat shy until you get to know her, super nice, beautiful, kind, - she's got a lot of qualities I wish I had. I live through her travels and adventures across the globe. :) And I envy her tan because she never looks pasty sugar white like I do and that's just not fair. :(

Summer weather is so strange.  Here are three photos from the past week or so.

Foggy morning drive. I love foggy mornings on the road because I usually dip below the fog and then drive back up into it. Kinda neat. 

Do you see the crazy downpour on the right?! One area just got blasted!

My rainy drive into work this morning. Not a fan of rainy days, though we need the rain badly.

Well, tomorrow is a new day and I promise to stick to the plan better.  Tomorrow night is play date with Donna, Sister Beth and Ellie.  They are coming to visit Macy! :) Who can resist her? It's impossible. I'll see you on the couch, watching Olympics tonight! :) 

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