Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Whopper Malt Ball Cake - So Yummy!

Recipe is here at Bonbons & Biscotti

Ya'll, seriously, I created this cake right here (ok, not this very one since this is from the website I got the recipe from, but mine looked like this!!) and it was SO STINKIN' EASY! And tasty, which is always a good thing, right?

My mom loves Whoppers so I thought she'd really get into this.  Click on the blog title in the photo caption to get the recipe but let me just say this:  smashing up the Whoppers was by far the hardest part.  Ok, well, that and worrying about the spider I had tried to kill midway through creating this deliciousness.  I really do need a man in the house for the sole purpose of killing bugs/spiders because that is something I do not enjoy.

Sorry, focusing back on the cake. Imagine chocolate graham cracker crust. It goes up the sides somewhat (I failed to do this and I see now why it's better to bring it on up the sides). Imagine tasty vanilla ice cream with Whoppers crushed and mixed inside.  A delicious layer of chocolate covering the top... Oh yeah. It's perfect for a summer day. Cold ice cream, Whoppers and chocolate. Oohhhhh yeahhhh.... bow bow, chic-a chic-a...

Next time I'm thinking of using chocolate chip cookies because FOR THE LOVE OF PETE it's hard to crush Whoppers!! Whoa Nelly, I had no idea! The can I used to smash them on the chopping board is now a square.

By the way, this is another Pinned It Did It project! I love that I'm actually doing some of these pinned things! So go - right now - GO! to Bonbons & Biscotti and get the recipe. Make your own deliciousness! YUM!

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