Saturday, April 6, 2013

Playing Catch Up

Ya'll, I've had such a great few days... l took three days off from work to majorly CLEAN. I did a lot of that-not as much as I needed to, but I feel better about the house than I did. I'm happy to be getting rid of some stuff, too. Yay!

I have sewn a few more items, thanks to You Tube explaining how to use this Kenmore sewing machine I bought at a yard sale. I'm getting there! I made a bunny and in the process of a dress for Macy. I totally realize my greens don't match... Oh well.

I also completed a Pintrest project! Woop woop! This Cupcake Liner Wreath was easy - I picked up cupcake liners at the dollar store, a wreath form and pins at Wal-Mart and after a few hours while watching Downton Abbey dvds, I had a wreath! I think it's cute and we'll use it at Macy's birthday party. One more Pinned It, Did It project!

And of course, the most important part of my break-spending time with my nieces! These two girls are so crazy for each other, it's a very special bond that is tighter than any I've seen.

The oldest sweet niece is growing so tall so quickly, it's amazing to see how much she's changed. She is turning into a teenagerbefore our eyes! Check this out, we can wear the same shoes!

Ok, that's enough torture for you... I'm watching one more episode of Downton Abbey before going to bed. My dvd player is evil and I have to watch all episodes on each dvd at one sitting or I have to start over.

Night my friends!

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