Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday's Letters

Is it Friday already!? Wow, the weeks of Spring are flying by and we'll be complaining about the heat of Summer soon.

Dear Muffin, sweet kitty, I'm soooo sorry. I know you are an older kitty but I never imagined you would slip and fall into the tub this morning! I did hop out and chase you around the house until I caught you, then I dried you off.  On a funny note, I did get a free mop job out of it. ... ....

Dear Office Depot, I love your store, truly. Enough to mention it on Twitter and gain a reply from you. However, if you don't get this crap straightened out with my Work Rewards or whatever... I'm going to get grouchy. I'm talking about $40 here, so get it worked out. Seriously.

Dear pollen, I love you in the form of honey. I hate you in the form of yellow/green powder that coats my car and makes me miserable.

Dear Pintrest, you are so evil for introducing me to these types of projects, like I have time to be making these things! But oh, how I love to browse you and day dream.

This however, is one of those things I pinned and made. OH MY GOSH, so tasty. Try it here.

Dear Dropbox, you are making me very happy. I love saving my pics to your site from my phone and then accessing them on my computer at work. Seriously, so easy. Check it out. And I love that you are free, because I'm broke. :) And Katie loves logging in and snagging the latest pic of sweet niece. :)

Ok, I'm off to enjoy my weekend. Not sure what I'm getting into but I'll talk your ears off about it later this weekend/next week.  You know I will.  Have a great one and go check out the other letters! Well, nevermind it doesn't seem to be up this week. Go check out Ashley's page anyway!


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