Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday's Letters

Ya'll, I'm so glad it's Friday I can't even begin to explain it. Man, what's wrong with me that I'm living for the weekends? That's not the normal me, but I'm there!

Moving on to my letters this week:

Dear Sweet Niece, you are stinkin' adorable. But let me say this: you are becoming quite the handful and it's kicking my booty. Very opinionated and hard-headed! Your mama is going to have her hands full, that's all I'm going to say today.

Dear B-I-L, you will have your photo made eventually without your hands in front of your face. You are just making this a challenge for me now. :) MUAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, and Happy Birthday!

Dear pollen, seriously, you have got to give it a rest. You are killing us around here! Everyone is sneezing and our eyes are watering - all thanks to you, this small yellow powder stuff that is coating everything possible. Please cool your jets just a bit and give us a break, ok? Thanks.

Dear Pintrest, You are slightly evil for giving me so many ideas of things to try! Just did a recipe last night and after my own tweaking, it was a #success! So yummy in my tummy!  Anyone have suggestions for crock pot recipes?? Websites or whatever? Please leave me a message below!

Dear weekly fruits and veggie box, I'm so excited you'll start in May! But I'm already adding lots of fruits and veggies into my life, trying to weed out the chips, pizza, crackers and crap. Hello yogurt, strawberries, peaches, bananas, apples, pears, oranges, carrots, oh you get the picture.

This was on facebook and I really liked it. It got lost in the shuffle and it took me FOREVER to find it again.
Adding it here may help me find it again when I need it. 
Dear God - thank you for opening my eyes, for all the blessings, for helping me grow, for bringing wonderful people into my life, for these blogs that inspire and give me strength, for forgiving me and loving me and wanting me to be one of Your children. Thanks!

Ok friends, link up here and join the fun of Friday's Letters! :)


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