Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Cleaning

Let's all celebrate together the fact I no longer have two Christmas trees decorating my home, Santa is off the back of the toilet and the Christmas china is packed away. Hooray!

This week is Spring Break for the schools here, which means I have two sweet nieces and a sister who want to play! I took three days off from work to get serious cleaning done in the house, hopefully sew some, and play with the family!

Although I haven't started on the sweeping, dusting, mopping, I did CLEAN OUT. I have a very small home, less than 1000 sq. ft., so I have to be smart about my space. All of that above has to leave my house. Another four bags of trash items and I'm finally seeing some extra space.

In putting away Christmas and redecorating for Spring, I'm finding items I love all over again.

This is the birth announcements I made for sweet niece two. The bootie is ceramic we did at one of those paint your own pottery places. All her info is written around the base and her footprint on the bottom.

We got two booties for about $20 and mom and I split the pair so we'd both have one.

These pottery pieces with lids I use a lot to take foods over to mom and dad's. Although, I have a sturdier, less decorated one I use more frequently. I take this one to family reunions to look all fancy. Ha ha!

You may know I live in my Great Grandmother's home and this rooster belonged to her. It has seen better days, but I'm sure it has stories to tell.

And this creamer and sugar set... This is the reason I decided to spring clean. Mom gave these to me for my housewarming just over two years ago. I put them up to decorate for Christmas about two months later and have been searching for them since. It took digging through 21 boxes before I found them... But here they are! I'm so thankful to have them back on display. They are by Grasslands Road, one of my favorite designers of ceramics like this. :)

Ok so now that you've walked down memory lane with me, I suppose I should start my day. The house it still turned upside down and I still want to learn how to use my machine. Have a lovely Thursday!


  1. I love all of the pretty things you found! We just got rid of our Christmas tree this week, too. Whoops!

  2. how pretty! =) I love the feeling to a deep cleaned space, but I rarely do it. I need to scrub my floors & counters... perhaps next weekend...


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