Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Poor Baby Girl

Sweet baby girl has been sick this week.  This was taken on Sunday on the way to church, when we thought she was just sleepy.  When we picked her up from nursery, she was burning up.  Poor thing hasn't felt well all this week.  You can see how pitiful she looks. :(  Thankfully, her fever has broken but she just won't sleep.  But she HATES to sleep.  Any suggestions? We'd appreciate it.

My rose bush is on the brink of exploding into blooms! So excited! I trimmed them back from being about 6 feet tall to about 4 feet... I meant to go back and whack off another 2 feet and it just didn't happen.  Now I don't want to cut off the blooms, so I'm just going to hang tight for a while. :)  Althought it's looking like Spring, the temps are dropping this weekend (again!) to a high of 59! What the heck? I just don't understand this psycho weather. I wish someone would give Mother Nature a Midol and ask her to chill out.

I had to share this picture of my cousin at a family birthday party this weekend.  This dish was one step larger than the "FEAST" on the menu - it included scallops, I believe. Is that not a hoot? I thought Feast was a great name for it.  She sent most of it home with her parents for them to munch on in the upcoming week.

She's so photogentic. You should see her wedding pictures from way back when - she's just one of those people that always photographs good. I am not. I generally look like poop on a stick. Maybe I should learn to wear make up.

Anyway - I'm heading home to check out my "Pinned it, Did it" BBQ Beef. I'll let you know how it turns out. :)


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