Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The day after

A selection of stickers from friends tagging me on Facebook. Love it!

What does an election official do the day after the election?

Leave work at 5:15pm, play with Macy, have dinner with my parents, take a two+ hour hot bath/nap and head for bed.

Let me say this about elections - it's a huge team effort on a massive scale. Our office of 5 full time employees and one part time employee turned into more than 30 temporary workers in the months leading up to the election, 950 people working the polls on Election Day, 15 people helping pick up and scan in election materials as they came back into our office that night, 20 people opening mail-in absentee ballots, 20 technicians keeping our 89 polling locations running smoothly...are you getting the picture?

Not to mention the county employees who have given of their time. Those who ran to Wal-Mart and Office Depot over the weekend for us, maintenance guys who got us into buildings over the weekend and created shelves where we needed them, the mail girl who prioritized our ballots when the machine was running low on postage money, the purchasing people who dropped everything to issue emergency POs. Officers on call for emergencies, directing traffic to keep things safe, the list goes on and on.

This one manager at Office Depot actually got together a massive order by raiding all regional stores I in one day. A Saturday night/Sunday at that.

The food...oh my. We are too busy to leave, too tired to cook and sick of fast food. We live at the office for about two months, eating breakfast, lunch, dinner and midnight snack. Our mail lady brought goodies every week, twice baked potatoes, cheese crispies, cakes, cookies. Then we've had soup, sandwiches, cakes and more cakes, spaghetti, pizza, hot dogs, just all types of generous folks keeping us fed.

We have about a month of clean up ahead, but it's ok. It should be normal hours and I can sleep again. :)


I can't express how happy I am that it's behind me. I'm ready to celebrate the blessings God had given to me. We've had a few upsets in our happy little family, but God's plan is greater than my understanding. I do my best to trust in Him.

For this moment, I'm heading to bed. Tomorrow, I dive back into #shereadstuth. I've missed it sorely.

Night ya'll!
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  1. Sorry for all the typos, I'll clean it up tomorrow. :)

  2. Well I hope you gets lots of rest and relaxation over the next few weeks!

  3. Next election, I want to volunteer! When they ask me why (if they do) I'll tell them about you! I'm glad to hear you were surrounded with people who helped and cared along the way! Rest well, my friend!


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