Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Just a sprinkle will do

The Sunday after Thanksgiving, November 25, many of our family and friends joined us at our church to see Macy baptized.  What a blessing!

While baptizing doesn't actually save Macy, it is a symbol that she is one of God's children and her parents, and the church!, take a pledge to help raise the baby with Christian values. It's a very special day.

Sweet baby girl didn't even offer up a peep, not a whimper, no cries. She just kicked back and played up the crowd, knowing all eyes were on her.  She was so good the preacher didn't want to give her up. Finally the youth preacher said - Chip, you have to give her back.  After the preacher went back to the pulpit, he said - I'm done. I can go home now. :) hahaha. She really is a sweet baby girl.

We gathered the family and friends in the Fellowship Hall for some lunch after church.  Here is Macy and her honorary Aunt Donna.  So thankful Donna could make it. I think back to all the things we have been through together - our nieces are two good things! (Her niece is Ellie.)

Mr. David, one of our church members and family friend.  He and Katie always tease each other about their hair!! Looks like he has more hair than Macy - hee hee.

AH, Macy and my aunt Lucille.  Lucille has always been crazy for the babies. :) She and dad look so much alike - you can tell they are related.

AH, Roger, Katie and Macy - one happy family.  

MeMaw, PawPaw and Precious (which is what dad calls her!) 

What a blessing both of my nieces are - so thankful for them. :)  And so happy Macy's special day went so well.  I don't think I would change a thing unless it would be to have better pictures. It just went that great!


  1. Replies
    1. We are so blessed - she's a happy child. Thank goodness!

  2. Macy is such a doll! Love the pictures! :)

    1. She is so spoiled because all of us love on her all the time. :) How could you not?


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