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{Review} My First Soft Nativity Toy Play Set

(When I purchased this item, it had no reviews which always makes me nervous.  I decided to review it for anyone interested in purchasing it! See Below:) *** UPDATE! See the update at the end, please. Thank you!***

Originally submitted at One Step Ahead

Please DO touch the nativity! We couldn't find a baby-friendly creche, so we created our own. Made of soft, fabric, with beautiful embroidery and appliques. Many of the figurines double as finger puppets, inviting kids to play. The take-along stable is also a storage tote. This 15-piece baby nativi...

Stable looks rough...
By Beth from South Carolina on 11/27/2012

3out of 5
Pros: Easy Assembly, Complete Set
Cons: Not Exactly As Pictured, Poor Quality Construction
Was this a gift?: Yes
I purchased this as a gift for my 6 month old niece as a keepsake for years to come. I debated between this and the Christmas Tree sold here, which has GREAT reviews and this one had none… but I wanted the Christian aspect of the holiday to be highlighted.

My thoughts on the product: When I opened the box and saw the stable crushed and wrinkled, I pretty much decided to send it back. The stable is very cheap, flimsy and the star - it looks NOTHING like what is pictured. My star is facing down towards the ground and is metallic copper-colored threads that are already worn looking and the white stuffing is showing through. (see pics!) The roof looks like it's caving in. Not impressed.

When I pulled out the people, however, I loved them. They are bright colored and have the sweetest faces. The finger puppet part in the back is what makes them stand up (it kind of tents out), which I was impressed that they would stand. The characters included are: Mary, Joseph, Jesus, Angel, Three Wise Men, a Shepard, a cow, camel, donkey and two sheep.

Would I buy it again? Hm... maybe. I might would just pick up a Fischer Price one in the store for less money. Not as keepsake oriented but still a good thought. But, I have decided to keep it and gift it this Christmas. It's just a lot of money (especially when shipping is included) to be disappointed in part of the gift. So understand what you are getting and you'll probably be OK with the purchase.

This is my first purchase from One Step Beyond… not overly impressed and hope any future purchases will leave a better impression.
Puppet, stable, star and group picture
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(To post this to my blog was an option - I thought, why not?)

***UPDATE: *** 
I contacted the company through their website customer support to let them know I was disappointed. I also contacted them asking why my review was never posted.
1) I heard back immediately that they would send me another set to see if I liked it better, and sent a return UPS sticker so I wouldn't have to pay for the return. The stable looks the same, the star is in better shape but it still the copper threads so no, I'm not any more happy with it. But, I am impressed with their customer service!!
2) I never heard back from the folks about why my review was never posted, as far as I can tell. Today when I checked, the item was gone! Crazy.

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