Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Clay, Angela, and Macy 

Roger and Katie

My aunt & uncle and cousins... and cousins! 

Mom and Dad

Wade, Meghan and Rylan

Josh and Kelsy

River, Rebecca, and Logan

Macy and Katie
Family. Food. Lots of both! That's what Thanksgiving was like this year - and every year.  We were a bit worried since Dad's first treatment was the day before, but he was feeling find and joined us for the feast.     I think we had about 25 people all together, obviously I'm missing quite a few here. Lately we've tried to use Thanksgiving as a time for family photos (in case anyone wants them for Christmas cards). I really like the idea it since it gives us more pics of those we love. 

You know we've had an interested year in my family, so Thanksgiving really meant a lot this year.  I'm realizing you better enjoy every moment right where it is because who knows what the next one will bring. So thankful for my family, my friends, every happy moment and those moments that makes us stronger and brings us closer together. My blessings - far too many to count. 

Tomorrow, pics of my sweet new niece, Macy, as she was baptized on Sunday! Come back tomorrow and I'll see you here! :)

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving! I'm glad you were surrounded by family...and lots of food!


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