Saturday, November 10, 2012


Pottery is an obsession in my family with my mom, sister and I all being addicts. I have no idea what started it, but I seem to think it's maybe my fault.

If I remember right, my first piece of pottery was made by me in elementary school. A slab box. Then in at class in high school with coil pots and one thrown pot, made with the help of my art teacher.

But the first piece of pottery I received that was truly a piece of artwork came from my friend, Stefan, when I was in college. It was a birthday gift, a yen yang swoop of black and white with curly que handles. 20 years later it's part of my kitchen, keeping all my put holders in order. I love it.

Since then, I've collected pottery from various locations. Beach trips, estate sales, festivals, our family trip to Seagrove, NC, and the annual pottery festival held just down the road from the house. This set found in a consignment store in Georgia, visiting the ex-boyfriend.

Here is the large bowl, which is stunning. So beautiful, inside and out. Doesn't it look like the Northern Lights? That's what I've always imagined. Probably why I couldn't resist and HAD to have it.

It also came with four cups and this little bowl. I fell in love, but couldn't afford it all at once. I begged and ended up walking out with part of the set. Then went back and got the rest. Sadly, it was there due to a divorce, so the owner told me. But I gave it a home, where it will stay. The little bowl I use for butters during the holidays, the cups make me feel better with spiced cider.

Crazy story, my friend from high school, who had never seen this set, bought me this vase for Christmas a few years back! A perfect match-the same potter! Couldn't believe it.

I know, obsessed doesn't begin to cover it...and you haven't seen the tip of the iceberg yet! I'll share a few pieces along the way. I just love the talent and artistry involved while still being useful. Perfect combination. :) Maybe I'll inspire you to check it out and become interested, too.
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  1. These are beautiful. I want to learn how to make pottery when I get my own shop. I'd like to make and sell coffee mugs :)

    1. I would LOVE to learn how to throw pottery. Maybe when I retire... *day dream...*


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