Saturday, November 17, 2012

Happy Days

There are moments where you look back and think: this was a very good day. Not that I won the lottery our found awesome deals, but that I was just a good day.

I woke up early, laid in bed being lazy. Met up with my sister and my two sweet nieces for some shopping. The weather was chilly but beautiful and we knocked out some Christmas presents.

My mom joined in as we met up with my friend, Paulene and her husband, Josh. Paulene is one of Macy's Prayer Peeps and this was her first time meeting Macy. It was great; Macy loved them both but had a little crush on Josh.

One of the things I'm very thankful for this year is the Prayer Peeps. Those folks kept Katie, Macy and all their situations in their prayers before this child was ever born. So it really means a lot when a Prayer Peep meets Macy.

And, Paulene had ran a half marathon this morning...can you believe it? I swear, she is Super Woman.

Anyway, came home and cleaned kitchen, washed clothes, and made banana bread! I was feeling accomplished until I discovered the bread had a sad streak. :(

I should have known when I saw how flat it came out... Oh well.

Regardless, it was a great day, wonderful day! A very much make-me-happy-day! :)

What did you do this weekend?
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  1. Ah, that was a great day. So happy that Macy was the icing on top. :)

    1. Have I told you how totally excited I was that you made it by here! You are awesome for that. :)


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