Saturday, October 13, 2012

Weekend Cat Blogging...

Because I never get to participate in Weekend Cat Blogging, I feel a little bad about crashing the party this weekend. But blame it on Patchouli! I was spotted lurking around the page and he (she?) demanded that I post this weekend! So here I am!

I don't even have a cute picture of my fur baby... but I do have a very typical one:

This cat loves the bathtub. If I'm taking a bath, she's sitting on the tub beside me. If I'm in the shower, she is sitting on the bathmat waiting for me to get out.  Here, the tub is dry and she's letting me know she wants me to toss in some water for her to lap up.  Yes, she's spoiled. I admit it. :)

And because I totally adore my niece, I'm posting a pic from last night of her, too!

Macy and her daddy.  She is crazy about her mama and daddy and just giggles and laughs for them.  Katie (my sister), who claims to hate monkeys on baby things, calls her Monkey or Fish. Usually it's Monkey Moodle, which just cracks me up. Monkey Moodle?? Where did that come from?

Anyway - there is my life summed up in two pictures:  Muffin and Macy. (and AH when she's home!)

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  1. Oh, how sweet! Let's hope she doesn't fall in the tub, or that would ruin it for her! Thanks for linking up!


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