Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday's Letters (On Friday!)

I know, can you believe it? I'm doing Friday's Letters on FRIDAY!

So here is a funny Friday story for you:

As I left a training class I was teaching for my job, I had to fight my way through a group of people standing outside the building, all facing this guy and girl kneeling on the ground. I didn't pay them much attention as I "excuse-me" my way back to the driveway and began walking towards my car, with 40+ people facing in my direction to listen to their speaker (this is all outdoors).  The "Ma'am. Ma'am. Ma'am!" finally penetrated my head and I look up, to have everyone staring me down.
--Police Officer: Ma'am, we are going to blow up that suitcase behind you.
--Me: Can I please leave first?
--PO:  No ma'am. You need to get out of the line of fire.
--Me: OH! um. ok, ... (walking back to the building to stand with the rest of the people...)

I wait for them to learn how to yell "FIRE IN THE HOLE!"  three times. No wait, make it six times because they didn't do it with enough gusto the first time.  Then we learn about the itchy trigger finger.

Then the suitcase didn't explode. So we have to check on it.

Yell "FIRE IN THE HOLE" -- trigger finger and BOOM. At this point I could leave and go to my car as everyone else ran to the destroyed suitcase.

That was the beginning of my day yesterday. :)

Here is the rest of my letter:

Dear Macy, I adore you like crazy. My morning visits with you are just the highlight of every day. I'm so thankful for you.

Dear drive to work:  Thank you for continuing to give me great scenery on the way to work.  I'm looking forward to seeing your fall colors coming soon!

Dear Muffin, thank you for not packing up and leaving me since you never see me anymore.  :(

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  1. What an interesting, funny story! Do I even want to know why they are blowing up a suitcase?


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