Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday's Letters

This week has been a tough one. We've received some difficult news, on top of being physically and mentally exhausted from work. Of course, there have been plenty of blessings, too. Send up a prayer for me, please? Thanks!

Dear Macy, my mornings with you are what keep me going, thanks for being so dang cute. I do hope you grow some hair soon...

To the two temp girls in the office, I wish we could keep you forever. You are such hard workers, friendly,'s awesome.

Daddy, you are awesome. You came over at 8 pm to check out my messed up kitchen light and threw away the bug in my bathroom light. And you took my trash off and changed my air filter. Then congratulated me for changing my own toilet seat. ha ha!

Muffin, the cooler weather is making you want to snuggle again, which makes me happy.

#shereadstruth, I'm always behind you, so I'm in Galations and I'm really enjoying it. Proverbs really rocked!

My pen pal, Raynore, you are awesome fot all the letters you send! My mail box loves having something there! Thanks!

Thank you, gas station, for carrying my drink!

And thanks to the Dollar General for hand sanitizer. Too many people, too many germs.

Glad I could participate, let's see if I can link up! :)

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  1. Sending prayers your way! Hang in there! Ah, Macy is growing so much! She's so beautiful. I'm loving the nicknames :)


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