Sunday, October 7, 2012

Learning as I grow.

Sad Panda can be found here.
Oh... just as I'm trying to improve, I blew it big time today and totally ruined my progress. *sigh*  I did apologize, to the person and in front of the people I had blown it in front of, but seriously? Why did I get so annoyed so quickly and really messed up? Ugh. I hate feeling so bad about my actions because I know it hurt and annoyed the person I directed it to. Pooh.

So we've worked all weekend... I currently have a load of clothes in my washer that have been there since last night. Guess I'll be doing those again. My house is turned upside down because I'm just toast after work and don't have the energy to clean it.  My joy of the day was searching "Christmas Baby Photos" on Pintrest, hoping to find cute ideas to try out on Macy.

In trying to find cool tutorials, I stumbled upon this:

This can be found here.
The reason for the season, yes, but also the reason for living. What a great reminder that I needed today and it ties into my Galatians study on #SheReadsTruth.  Thankfully, I'm not saved by my works because I'd never make it. I will always fail.  But I'm saved by the birth of this tiny little baby, his perfect life here on earth and his triumph over death.  He fulfilled the promise that allows me to make mistakes and still have my place in heaven. Whew! I'm so thankful! Still Sad Panda for hurting someone I like, but thankful for forgiveness and grace.

So now it's dark outside again... it wasn't much after daylight when I came in. I think it's time for me to call it a night and head for home.  I need a break and a breather - I need to press my restart button and do it all again (with better results) tomorrow.  Sweet dreams, my friends! :)

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  1. The great thing is you apologized. I feel that way sometimes too and can totally relate. Often I have those moments when I'm stressed but we aren't perfect. we can only do the best we can and learn from out mistakes. I'm proud of you!


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