Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday's Letters - 15.

Show the world how tough you are here

On a serious note: 
Dear Life, you tossed a few curve balls in the past several months.  A pretty big one yesterday... not the news I'd hoped for.  I'm a little afraid of what you are toughening me up for but I am depending on God to pull me (and all the family) through it. Dear family and friends who offered up prayers - God heard you!! The news was yes, cancer, but not aggressive and invasive cancer. This is a blessing and I know it could be so much worse. But please continue to say a prayer for my Pops. He is one-of-a-kind. Dear kind co-workers, I know ya'll realize when I need some space. Thanks for letting me try to be normal and work like a normal person. :)  Dear God, Thank you for the blessings, for the love, for the people you've placed in my life and surrounded me with - it's a beautiful gift you've given to me.

On a not so serious note: 
Dear voters who bring people in our office flowers, WOW. That is SO NICE. It wasn't even for me, but I was still thankful to see the appreciation given to someone in my field. It impressed all of us.  Dear mail lady, the goodies that you bring to us is what my lunch and dinner consists of quite often.  Cheese crunchies, lady fingers, chocolate chip cookies, butterscotch cookies, haystacks, oh my gracious you are a good person. THANK YOU.  Dear voter who overheard the very random conversation in our office about EMS calls and the nursing home, Umm... we aren't evil people. But I do feel bad you overheard our randomness. Please understand we are totally loopy from lack of sleep. 

On a positive note:  ONLY 19 days until this election is over - oh my gosh thank you, I want to sleep for a week SOLID! 

Happy Friday - ya'll have a good weekend!



  1. God is good! He hears prayers and I'm sure He will bring your dad to full recovery.
    Also, I'm quite jealous of you having such a great mail lady. I wish our mail person would do such nice things! happy friday!

    1. HAHA! Isn't she awesome! She takes care of us during election time... all these ballots in the mail means job security for her! (that's what she says, haha)

      Thanks for your support. God is good and He has a greater plan in mind that what I can comprehend. So I just have to trust that His will is good. :)

  2. I LOVE that key chain!

    Happy weekend! Drop by & say hello :)


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