Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thirty Things on Thursday - 13

Every Thursday I answer another question on this random list I found at another blog. I don't even remember how I stumbled upon it. But... here goes week 13:

13. Describe five weaknesses you have.

Seriously?  Do I have to? Ugh, who wants to think about this crap? *sigh* OK, I've done the rest, let me see what I can come up with on this one... 

1.  Finances. I suck at finances. I never know how much money I have in the bank and I've never balanced a checkbook. I go through times where I feel like I can't spend a penny and then I'll go buy whatever I want. And usually it's not even for me, but it still screws me up. I'd love to turn this over to someone and they tell me what I can spend in a week. 

2.  Judgmental.  I'm very judgmental and will make a judgement in a snap.  It's very wrong of me and I know it, but I still do it! I really need to change this. In Galations this week, it clearly says not to judge someone because who is to say you won't be in their place tomorrow? No lie... 

3.  My Mouth. I talk. I talk a lot and I blab on and on about everything and nothing! And I gossip, which is driving me insane because I HATE being gossipped about, so why do that to someone else?? *sigh* I'm a very imperfect person, so I need to definitely makes some changes, this being a big one. 

4.  Food. I love food. Well, actually I hate a lot of food, but those things I do like are really bad for me and I eat a lot of it. Which is how I keep my very overweight womanly figure. This is going to change, but not before this election. It's my focus after life settles down. 

5.  My desire to be liked. This one gets me into trouble because I'm too friendly and get ran over. In my professional and personal life, I need to worry less about being liked and more about just being me, standing my ground.  I'm just so laid-back about some things and VROOM, BUMP BUMP, I'm flatted in the path of a trucker with a personality. (Does this make any sense? Whatever). 

So there, you know my weaknesses. :)  I hope next week is more fun!


  1. I used to really suck at finances, too. Like, REALLY. I started seeing a financial counselor at the credit union I belong to and it's made a huge huge difference. My credit union offers financial counseling for free! Maybe see if there's something like that around for you, too!

    P.S. I feel like I sound like a spambot but I'm not, I promise. Have a great day! :)

    1. That is exactly what I need to do!!! I think after this election, I'll sit down with them and see how it goes. You are giving me faith that I can change my ways! :)


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