Tuesday, July 31, 2012


see these rings
Happy Tuesday! Oh my gosh, why can't it be Thursday?! I'm zonked from staying up late to watch the Olympics.  I love the Olympics.  I love the patriotic camaraderie we all seem to have surrounding our team.  We cheer them on from our couches and become experts in every sport every four years. Outside of the Olympics, I would never watch most of this stuff. I'm just not sports oriented.

I will say I'm tired of the bashing NBC has received over delayed viewing. HOWEVER, I will also ask why they only put the gymnastics very last? Let the pool people stay up until midnight, I need my sleep!

Speaking of sleep, guess who visited my house last night. Katie was suffering from a migraine so mom brought Macy to my house while she helped Katie out until Roger got home.  Little Miss wanted to pitch a hissy fit until we went outside on the glider, where she immediately passed out.

Property of Leen Machine
I opened my mail box and found the most wonderful present of all - a letter from my friend, Paulene, written on a card she designed especially for me! Ok, maybe not only for me, but inspired by our friendship, which I cherish greatly.  She is sharing these cards with everyone!

Visit her blog here and download these free printable for you to share with people you love and care about.  You can never tell someone enough time how much they mean to you.  And I believe having it written down is even better because it's something you can tangibly hold on to and read over and over.

I remember when my ex deployed, I carried his letters with me in my purse and would read them over and over. I'd print out emails, too, but seeing his handwriting was so much more special.  Especially when I was missing him so much and he was so far away.  ... *sigh*  So go, NOW, and print these cards out to send to someone you love!

Love... Macy Love. :)  You know you wanted to see more pictures of her. Just admit it.

OK, I think I've bent your ear long enough (or crossed your eyes long enough??) anyway - go enjoy the rest of your day/week. And thanks for visiting my blog today. You've made my day! :)


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