Thursday, July 19, 2012


So I'm sitting at the Toyota place, hoping they are going to get Millicent (what I named my car) back up and running at top speeds. My visit here had started with two strikes.

1) They don't have outlets in the waiting area for my phone; and
2) The tv was set on "Let's Make a Deal" when I got here. Seriously? People actually watch this?

On the positive side, the guy that helped me is adorably cute and covered in freckles. And he isn't a red head! Just freckled. Cute!

Thankfully, the car is covered under the warranty so this shouldn't cost me anything and I get a free wash! A clean Millicent with a new wheel bearing (sp??) and new tires is a happy Millicent! (my old car, bless her heart, was named Bertha...sometimes Beulah... and was just a work horse!)

Guess I'll hang here and catch up on the local news. Wish ya'll were all here to entertain me! :)
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  1. Sorry for the typos. Not a great phone swyper/typer!

  2. Let's Make a Deal is still on???

  3. Glad Millicent is still covered under warranty! And glad that she's getting fixed before you see me tomorrow! :)

  4. Can you believe Let's Make a Deal is still on? Who actually 1) Watches it or 2) actually attends it?? Ugh.

    I'm so excited, Paulene, because this trip wasn't happening unless Millicent got fixed!


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