Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday's Letters - 3

Dear co-worker, thank you for not killing me on the way to Columbia for training. I had already texted Donna to come looking for me on the side of the interstate if I didn't call her Monday night.

Dear God, thank you for not letting my co-worker kill me on the way to Columbia for training. And thank you for the beautiful scenery (considering it was an interstate drive...)

Dear Bobby the Mechanic, thank you for checking to see if the second car problem was covered under warranty.  There is no way I could have afforded it, so free was wonderful! I'd never known if you hadn't checked. YAY! 

Dear Toyota people:  I know you want excellent survey ratings, but telling me, "Everything below an excellent is failing," isn't the way to get honest high scores. But you did fix the car for free and didn't have to do that, so you'll probably get high scores. I'd appreciate an outlet in your waiting room, however, and something on tv besides "Let's Make a Deal."

Dear Boring Verizon Guy:  I tried to make you laugh, even though I was the customer, and you still remained totally deadpan. No personality. No humor. I feel certain you are married and here I am, can't find a decent date to save my life, and I actually do have a personality. *sigh* Life isn't fair.

Dear God, THANK YOU for giving Macy a really good check up this week. How can she get cuter every week? Is that possible? Must be, because she is. I have much to thank You for, actually, but that's between me and You. 

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